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YEBOTISSY brand was founded on September 14, 2017, carefully designed fur coat, every detail we carefully made, and our YEBOTISSY brand has been recognized in China, now we are in the foreign trade market promotion, hope to be recognized worldwide. In 1898, the Qing Dynasty Tianjin tanning factory was established with modern tanning and machinery equipment. In 1925, Beijing tanning plant was treated with chrome tanning. In 1952, the leather industry produced only 3.3 million sheets a year (equivalent to cowhide labels); in 1988, 52.03 million sheets; in 1998, 113 million sheets; 1978-1997. The first venture: initially establish the position of the world's leather power. Gradually formed a leather, leather shoes (including tourist shoes), leather (including leather clothing), fur four main industries and leather chemical industry, leather machinery, leather hardware, shoe materials and other supporting industries composed of a complete classification of large industries, and gradually established a relatively complete industrial system from production, business, scientific research to personnel training. 1998-2008, second pioneering: stride forward to the world leather power First, the raw material resources are rich: China's pig skin, sheep skin raw material resources rank first in the world, cowhide ranks third in the world. Second, the output of products is high: China produces more than 300 million square meters of light leather annually, more than 2 billion pairs of leather shoes and more than 70 million pieces of leather clothing, ranking first in the world. Third, the total export volume is large: in 2000, China's total export volume of leather industrial commodities was 12.35 billion US dollars, ranking first in the world. The brand names are: 6 leading shoes in China, 8 king shoes in China, 25 famous shoes in China, 10 King clothes in China, 5 famous clothes in China, 4 King clothes in China, 12 top bags in China, more than 400 enterprises in China and 26 enterprises in ecological leather industry. There are 40 well-known trademarks in China. China exports 5 famous brands. There are 47 famous brands in China: 29 of them are leather shoes, 11 are leather clothing and fur clothing, and 7 are luggage and bags. Different characteristic regions and production bases have been formed: Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province, Haining in Zhejiang Province, Xinji in Hebei Province, leather and clothing in China, Huadu in Guangdong Province, Chongfu in Zhejiang Province, Suning in Hebei Province, and Chengdu in Hebei Province. Du Wuhou - "the capital of Chinese women's shoes", Bishan, Chongqing - "the capital of shoes in Western China", Huidong, Guangdong - "the production base of Chinese women's shoes", Hebei Baigou - "the capital of bags and suitcases in China".

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